Create unique images to add to your portfolio Create unique images to add to your portfolio

The Real Shoot Experience is a concept developed by Megan Alter.  The concept is about collaboration and exposure.  How can people work together to create something bigger?

Collaboration-  An artist taking the step to collaborate with other people is an important step.  We can create something bigger together then on our own.  12 Photographers, 6 models, 4 stylists and 1 videographer.

Exposure- The Photo and Video results of each event are showcased at a group exhibition.  Each Real Shoot Experience event produces hundreds of photos and 1 video.  Everyone releases these results together giving each other credits and increasing exposure for the work and everyone involved.

Creating a Series- Real Shoot Experience uses TV and Movie themes to give a unique framework to each event.

Location-  We use famous and Unique locations in the Netherlands.  Our past locations include: The American Hotel, Amsterdam.  De Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam.  The International Club, Den Haag.  De Kompasszaal, Amsterdam.

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