What you will experience


Calling all Amateur or Professional Photographers!

Does the idea of working with models excite you?  Would you like to take your creative ideas to the next level?  Fire your shutter in a 4-hour, intensive, real live shoot experience.  You are invited to reign, guided by pro’s, while learning advanced habits, tricks, and tools by doing and observing.  Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer this is a great opportunity for you to get inspired and go home with some amazing images to add to your portfolio (or just brag to your friends).  We shoot  at  dynamic locations with an eclectic array of props and range of professional lighting, all laid out.  Our TV and movie themes combined with a team of amazing models, styling, and make-up will give you the perfect chance to create beautiful images.

What you will experience:

Learn by doing in a supportive environment surrounded by creative people excited to learn.    Each workshop will have 5-6 models and each model will be in a different setting. You will get instruction and a chance to work with each set-up.  Feel the satisfaction and confidence of having directed a set with models, stylists, set designers and lights.

What is Included:

Each Real Shoot Experience Series has 3 parts.  A pre-production meeting,  the shooting event and a group exhibition.

Pre-production meeting

Instructions for how to prepare for the photo shoot.  We will give tips and tricks as well as instructions of how to avoid common mistakes.  We will teach you how to prepare a mood board for the day as well as explaining exactly what to expect for the day in terms of models, location and shooting times.

Real Shoot Experience

On location with Props and models styled according to the theme of the workshop.  Shoot away!

Exhibition & Party

Your photography included in the workshop’s group photo exhibition at Go Gallery in Amsterdam.

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